Work remotely on a shared revit project

No, there's no support for this, and there are a lot of pitfalls, but here's a method i've found for running Revit reliably in remote, provided you can maintain a fast internet connection. This works well for me using an 802.11g wireless connection, and my bandwidth tests around 600-900k.

  1. Map the same drive letter so that the central file is on the same path as it would be at the office.
  2. Copy the working file to your home computer (often this is best done via sneaker network - take the copy home on CDRW or thumb drive)
  3. Open the file and work, you can now work NOT AT RISK, because revit will see the central file and be able to check items out. I have a broadband connection and this chatter between revit and the central file doesn't seam to be much of a load to the connection.
  4. Save to central when needed - if you do it over the broadband connection, it can get pretty slow... 30 min or more, sometimes... so maybe it's time to copy the file back to the office and STC from there.
ALSO - If you're not taking your computer from the office home, but have another there, You can use RealVNC (free) to remotely work on your computer in the office over a VPN connection (remote desktop works too, if you prefer) This also helps if your home computer doesn't have the 4GB RAM that your work computer has for running Revit.

I find the remote desktop a little laggy, so i combine the two methods, and copy the working file to my home computer, work on it there, save locally, copy it back, VNC into my work computer, open it and STC, and repeat. In my experience copying the file over and back is faster than trying to save to central over the VPN connection, especially if you can leave it to the end of the day.

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