Adjust temporary dimension size in Revit

In the new build 20070810_1700 Web Update Enhancement List, there is a point mentioning: "When temporary dimension text too small to read, user can adjust the size of the font through Revit.ini". Our Autodesk Support team is currently in the process of creating a Knowledge Base solution that explains how to modify the Revit.ini to adjust the size of the temporary dimensions. However, the following are the steps to do so:

  1. Open Revit.ini file in Notepad. The file is typically located in C:\Program Files\Revit Structure 2008\Program.

  2. Add the following line to Revit.ini in [Graphics] section:

    • TempDimFontSizeInPoints=16

    • Where 16 is a number larger than 8 (default hard-coded value). Good starting point is twice the default size (i.e. 16-17).

  3. Save Revit.ini.

  4. Restart Revit. You should see the change.

    • If the size of temporary dimensions is still small, repeat from step 1 with larger number.

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