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Well, i guess i should eventually start updating this new blog. I hope i will be able to maintain it more faithfully than my old home page, or my Flickr photos, MySpace and LinkedIn profiles, personal wiki, etc. which leads me to this thought:

I see a lot of speculation lately on what "Web 3.0" will be. While i don't really buy into the whole "Web 2.0" definition to begin with (social networking, in my opinion, is mainly just a prettier face on IRC, NNTP, Usenet, and other web 1.0 or 0.1 technologies or concepts), I've been thinking about the next level of development for all these "Web 2.0" tools:

and i think the next killer apps will be meta frameworks.

Consolidate all these things into a single usable wad of tools... Maybe that happens in the form of 'widgetizing' these services so that they can be integrated into a user-definable framework, maybe its more of an omea-like meta-aggregation app... maybe something better, I'm really not sure. But I can certainly see the demand. (ya, I'm a tech junkie.)

I can imagine this killer app to be some meta-manager-portal-application monster that handles my family calendar, contact list, shopping list, Vonage phone bill, Netflix cue, blog, family photos, multimedia collection, videos, communications, Chat, email, RSS, even the passwords, login, and editing functionality of the blogs, social network sites, the company collaboration portal, all of it. It would provide a single interface to manage my digital life that is accessible from my phone, hand-held, computer, TV, Refrigerator, and DVR. Of course it would have to be secure as well.

Wouldn't that be a nice tool. Maybe there's one out there i just haven't discovered yet. It looks like Google and Yahoo are actually aiming there, and in that regard... AOL actually seams to have had a good core idea at some point. I suppose iLife from apple is aiming this direction also, as desktop software.

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Jon Anunson said...

Just saw a thread on slashdot discussion open format for social networking platforms... a different angle on a similar desire, i think;