RE-thinking your Firm Into Revit: The Transition to BIM takes more than software.

I'm a speaker at AU2010!I'll be presenting an Unconference at AU 2010 in Las Vegas. We'll be discussing the management task of changing a practice from traditional drawing delivery to BIM-Based design in a 1 hr. Unconference.
Class Description:

BIM as a technology and process is radically different from traditional design practice. Are you going to try to press your traditional practice into the BIM mold? If we're going to re-organize design to utilize BIM, then lets Re-Think the way we approach and manage design. When does engineering work start on a facility? Why do your staff sit where they do? How do you evaluate computer hardware purchases? What has worked and not worked in your practice to leverage the tools that BIM provides in order to produce better and/or more profitable projects? How do you train your users? How do you measure their abilities? Do you continue to use drawings? How and Why? What radical change to the design process can you imagine that will make use of the technology and tools now available to us as designers? Speak out and learn from others!
Key Learning Objectives

After attending this class, you will be able to:
  • Identify key differences in the way information is gathered and communicated when using BIM

  • Evaluate the way team and process organization are shaped by the format of the design medium.

  • List potential techniques and pitfalls discussed by industry compatriots wh're working on the same transition.
So, Start the discussion now. If you are, or would attend this class, what would you like to hear about the most? What elements of transitioning to BIM are difficult or mysterious? What have you tried in your firm that has succeeded or failed? Post your feedback here and let's discuss!

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Troy Gates said...

Jon, looks like a great class. Looking forward to attending.