How 'Revit-Committed' is your company?

How do you measure how BIM-Oriented a company is? How committed they are to BIM? Are they really taking advantage of/benefiting from using BIM?
  • What is the ratio of design employees to Revit seats available in your company?
  • What percentage of your projects are completed in Revit?
  • What percentage of those projects are 100% Revit? No other CAD drafting involved?
  • Do you require all projects to be completed in Revit?
  • What is the average size of a project in square feet?
  • And the average size of a project team in people/square foot?
  • What percent of your workforce has received dedicated training in Revit?
  • Do you see the necessity and/or benefits of IDP (Integrated Design Processes) in your firm?
  • Do you see the necessity and/or benefits of IPD (Integrated Project Delivery)in your firm?
  • Do you use or have you used the AIA Contract exhibit AIA E202-2008?
  • Do you require BIM Deliverables from your consultants?
  • If so, Do you issue your model as a construction document?
  • Do you have a library of custom Revit Content?
  • How many families?
  • Do you deploy the plugins for Revit?
  • Do you have any plugins of your own?
  • Do your CAD standards reflect the use of Revit?
  • Do you have integrated specifications through Revit via an application like eSpecs?
  • What about Cost Estimation, like US Cost?
  • Do you deliver contract documents in DWF format?
  • How? via the web? Project Portal? Newforma/Buzzsaw/Projectwise/Sharepoint etc?
  • Have you ever looked at downstream FM solutions that plug into Revit?
  • Do you charge for renderings?
  • Do you charge for animations?
  • What percent of projects has a 3D computer rendering provided in the deliverables?
  • What percent of projects has a 3D computer animation provided as part of the deliverables?

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